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Jr. High Madrigals

Madrigals Dinner 2022

Would you like to sing at the annual Madrigal Dinner?

Have you wondered how you could become a future Madrigal?


Many current DSHS Madrigal singers participated in the Junior High Ensemble prior to joining the choir. The annual Madrigal Dinner is the perfect opportunity for junior high students to sing alongside the choir and meet the members! The Junior High Ensemble provides an enriching musical experience and memories that last a lifetime. Let singing at this year's Madrigal Dinner become the start of your new annual holiday tradition. More details, including information about Junior High Ensemble costumes and Madrigal Dinner tickets, will be shared at the informational meeting Tuesday, October 11th, at 7pm, at Davis Senior High School in room PA8. Please bring your parent/guardian to the meeting and be prepared to audition by learning "We are Lights" and "Silent Night." The sheet music and practice tracks are provided below. Come join us!

Important Dates:

All ensemble member MUST attend the following rehearsals and performances:

Rehearsal  1 —  November 4,  4-6pm,  DSHS Room PA8. 

Rehearsal  2 —  November 29,  6-8:30pm,  CA Agricultural Museum in Woodland (receive costumes). 

Rehearsal  3 —  November 30,  7-8:30pm,  CA Agricultural Museum (full dress rehearsal). 

Performance 1  —  December 2nd,  4:30-10pm,  Ag Museum (rehearsal & performance, dinner provided).

Performance 2  — December 3rd,  3-9pm,  Ag Museum, (rehearsal & performance, dinner provided).


Email Amber at Please include "Madrigal Junior High Ensemble" in the subject line.

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