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Life of a Madrigal

The "about" page gives a general oversight about the choir, but one question goes unanswered- what's it like for the singers? What's the commitment level, the typical schedule, and the usual cost for an individual? 


Our most busy time of year is during the winter season due to holiday performances, community events, and our annual Madrigal Dinner. Students are expected to participate in all full-choir performances, and absences should be cleared by the director. Of course, the choral faculty understands that students have commitments beyond the choir- for example, several students have been part of this choir and the Davis robotics team, football, musical theater, and the likes, which both require heavy time involvement and travel. Because the work seasons don't overlap, people have been able to successfully manage both extracurriculars and the choir.

As previously mentioned, along with full-choir performances, we are hired for several octets that students sign up for. The amount of time dedicated towards octets is very much catered to the individual- depending on a singer's schedule, students may volunteer for as many as they choose. Octets occupy the majority of the choir's schedule, but they shouldn't pose as a stress for the students!


The choir has the opportunity to travel and engage in the enrichment of touring as a musical group wherever they may be invited to sing or compete- this could be in the USA or abroad.  While trip donations are needed and appreciated, we always budget for families that might not be able to financially contribute, everything remains anonymous, and we never turn away a student.


Students should consider their costume immediately after they are accepted into the choir, because this can become a lengthy process. There are three options for your costume- designing/sewing one, renting from the costume closet, or renting/borrowing from a previous Madrigal. Incoming students work with our Costume Director Alex Snow, to keep track of their costume's progression. The prices between these options vary, but the expected price ranges are listed below:

- Designing a costume, hiring a seamstress - $1100-$2000

- Purchasing materials, no seamstress hired - $300-600, 40-120 hrs of labor

- Renting from the costume closet - $450/yr *subject to change*

- Renting/borrowing from Madrigal graduate- varies based colors that are in the choir.


We believe money should hinder no one's ability to be part of this choir, and we understand the price concern for these costumes. Contact Ms. Bach and our Assistant Director Alex Snow for financial concerns, and they will be more than happy to work things out. 

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