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What's eScrip?

Did you know that you can continue to support the Davis Madrigals indefinitely every time you shop at your regular retail and grocery stores? The Davis Madrigals is using a multi-faceted program called Scrip to earn donations from many grocery stores and local and national retailers. 

We are using two approaches to raising money through this program- our fundraising success lies in the accumulation of families, alumni and fans to consider one or more of our contribution options. Here is a quick overview of each method.

Register your everyday purchases and groceries through our online website called eScrip. Sign up with eScrip and register your Safeway card(s), credit cards, bank cards and Macy’s credit cards. It’s quick and easy! eScrip works with merchant partners to contribute to groups like ours each time you shop - at no cost to you! For example, when you identify the Davis High School Madrigals as your contribution group when you register your club card, Safeway contributions will come directly into our account.

If you don’t shop at Safeway, our Nugget scrip card contribution program is just as easily available by obtaining a Nugget scrip card from a store clerk and registering online.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! The best part of it is that you don’t need to spend any more than you usually do on your everyday purchases- we simply need you to identify us as the recipient of your vendor’s contributions. Links to sign up are located down below, don't forget to choose the Madrigals as your beneficiary!

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