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BOOK THE CHOIR 2021-2022

Yes, we are doing bookings again!

The choir has three options to choose from; an octet (eight singers), a double octet (sixteen singers), and a full performance. Just submit a form, and we will get back to you right away on our availability. 

We have around forty performances a year, and we are always excited for our yearly choir getaways. Whether the events are annual or unique to this year, look here for all event information!


This time honored community seasonal event is one that is not to be missed. Check back in the fall of 2022 to purchase your tickets to join us for an evening of Madrigal merriment. 

From July 5-13, the choir had the privilege of touring the cities of Rome and Florence. With a repetoire of over fifteen songs, we were very excited to document every moment of our adventure.


The choir is built from generations of singers, and remains a prominent part of the Davis community. We have a rich history of performances both international and domestic, and while we cherish our memories of the past, we're always excited to improve and grow.